Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know my measurements are correct?

Using a flexible measuring tape (those grade school rulers are a bit unwieldy) you can measure either your current cushion or the furniture where the cushion will used. Measure the total distance to the nearest .25 of an inch, and please include everything attached to the cushion, such as welting, so we can be as accurate as possible. We do not modify any measurements (adjust back height, etc..). Measurements provided to us represent finished size cushions.  

The measurements we need are listed on the product page (usually depth, width, and thickness), and please be aware that the final product will be within 1 inch of the measurements you give us, due to difference in foam or padding. We welcome any questions you have about taking measurements, and will gladly respond to your emails, with or without photos, to help you to stay on the right track.

Do I need to order fabric sample?

We recommend ordering a fabric sample in order to ensure that the selected fabric suits your needs. Testing fabric before ordering gives you a better picture of the final project. 

What type of filling is the best fit for my cushions?

We recommend ordering a foam sample to select the best type for your cushions. Foam samples are 6 inches wide, 6 inches long and 1 inch thick ($3.00 charge). Please email us to request foam samples.

Foam recommendation:

For cushions from 1" to 2.5" thick, we recommend Firm foam ; cushions from 3" to 5" thick - medium and for cushions 5" and thicker - soft foam.

Dry Fast foam – recommended for outdoor use where humidity is high. Firm, large cells, mold resistant. Ideal for outdoor furniture, anti-microbial. 

Polyester Fiber Fill – soft filing for puffy seat/back cushions (popular choice for wicker furniture cushions), lumbar and throw pillows. 

High Quality Urethane foam - Fire Retardant and Mold Resistant for Indoor/Outdoor use. Custom Cushion of Arizona offers a few types of Urethane Foam.

What type of fabric do you use?

Most of our custom made orders are made with Sunbrella fabric and Geobella: UV, mildew, stain and water resistant, 100% solution dyed acrylic, fade proof. Designer section offers more affordable fabrics (mostly for indoor use).

Can I use the dryer for Sunbrella fabric cushion cover?

The dryer will shrink the fabric and make it challenging to place it back on the foam base. Spot cleaning is recommended. 

How do I order round cushion?

Use Seat cushion product page. Select Custom shape, then enter the same Depth and Width and in additional notes on checkout page tell us it's round cushion. 

Example: round cushion 20" in diameter by 3" thick. Enter Depth 20", Width 20" and Thickens 3". In additional notes - round cushion 20" in diameter. 

Trapezoid shaped cushion - how to measure Depth?

Measurement A (Depth) is taken on a straight line from the bottom center to the top center. 

How will my order be shipped?

All products are shipped by FedEx and USPS, delivered approximately within 5 business days (delivery time). California customers receive product within 2 business days. Our orders are shipped with No signature required unless you specify otherwise in your order. 

If you select Vacuum Packed option ($23.95 only for ANY size cushion), the slip covers and foam will be shipped in the same box, but the foam will be vacuum packed to reduce the shipping size and will need to be inserted in the slip covers upon arrival (usually 1-2 minutes effort per cushion). If you prefer to have the cushions shipped fully assembled, please select Fully assembled option on check out page. Please use caution when opening the box with sharp objects. Cushions are packed in plastic for protection. 

How long does it take from submitting order to receiving?

3 weeks plus shipping time. For rush order, please contact us at for more information.

What do I need to do to make changes in my order?

Custom Cushion of Arizona will make changes or cancellation of order within 24 hours from order submission. Cancelation fee is $30.00.

Do I need ties on my cushions?

Upon your own discretion: if your cushion needs ties, we make them 12 inches long. They are placed in the corners. If you need different type of ties (including placement), please contact us with more information.

Patterns for custom cushions made by customers:

To ensure customer satisfaction we require a full size pattern from the customer.

To create custom pattern, please use paper or light colored fabric. We find fabric is more functional then paper: flexibility of fabric and using a marker to reflect curves and shapes makes building the pattern process easier and more accurate. When your pattern is ready and cut, try it on the furniture to ensure that the pattern fits and your measurements are correct.

If a zipper is needed, please write the word "Zipper" on the desired side. If ties are required, pleace an arrow. Also, write "Top" and "Bottom" on two sides of the pattern. We require your name with phone number or email, so we can notify you that we received your pattern we are ready to send the order to production. Shipping date is going to increase by about 10 days: shipping time from us to the Customer and back to us.

If you ordering cushions for the furniture that does not have cushions, please use paper or light colored fabric to make patterns to capture curves and edges. Make sure to cover the whole area with paper or fabric to ensure correct measurement (fabric is more user-friendly, from our experience). Use pen or marker to draw the pattern and cut it.

Do you manufacture cushions using Customer Supplied Fabric?

Yes, we do.

Yardage can be mailed to us with the order number at:


Custom Cushion of Arizona

2320 W Peoria Ave STE B140

Phoenix, AZ, 85029

Please select "Customer Supplied Fabric" under fabric selection section.


Click on any product page (example – Bench/Window Cushions)

Enter measurements, select style, and foam.

Select Fabric Category – Customer Supplied Fabric  – Click on "Customer Supplied Fabric" and submit the order.


We will email you within 1 business day how much fabric your project requires.


Does Custom Cushion of Arizona offer volume discounts?

We offer volume discounts. For more details, please email us at

Does Custom Cushion of Arizona offer local delivery service in Arizona?

We offer local delivery for $119.95. Please cal 1 877 505 0012 to schedule.

How do I clean my cushions?

Guide for care and cleaning fabric provided by Sunbrella can be found below:

Care and cleaning 

Environmental statement